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About Taste of Thailand Sheffield

The Thai cuisine demands to be served in its most ethnic form. Thankfully, we are one of those restaurants which provide you with a flawless and genuine experience of the Thai kitchen. Our place is home to some of the most impeccable items, that have been appreciated by potential foodies times and again. We always get hold of the best raw materials in order to prepare something really sensational to bring to the table for you. You can now order at the touch of your smartphone screen, thanks to our free app found on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. No matter what you choose from our huge menu, you would always be provided with an authentic experience. Visit us now with your bunch of best companions or start ordering through our app today.


Taste of Thailand Sheffield Restaurant

We are located in a pretty accessible part of the city. You would be able to locate us even from a distance, thanks to our position at 198 Whitham Road, Sheffield S10 2SS. This place has been fittingly backed up with a very fast traffic as well as a hassle-free transport system. Our customers are facing no issues while visiting us from any given part of the city. To help you locate us even faster, we have our app equipped with GPS support. So, if you are keen on the most brilliant Thai cuisine in the city, we are the way to go.

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